Recording booth enables people to walk in to a booth and record any song in their voice in an electronic format. It is ideal for amusement parks as a major attraction for teens.

Bring out the singing sensation in you and your guests with a truly enthralling professional recording studio experience and redefine entertainment.


Built-in with world class multimedia and ambient noise reduction capabilities, excellent sound processors, headphones and microphones combine to create a perfect setting for recordings. A fantastic tool for entertainment and marketing, this will enable you to record one’s voice in complete privacy of the booth.

Equipped with touch screen capabilities and user-friendly menus for numerous functionalities, you get access to a library of popular karaoke song lists that you can record and burn into a high quality CD or you could simply go with lyrics that you have in your mind. Experience the luxury of state-of-the-art recording booth with smart audio/visual instructions that make it easier for you to enjoy your recording sessions.

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