Pyramid Holographic is the latest in projection systems. Users control dynamic multimedia interactive displays with simple gestures and body movement hence making it a full, body-engaging experience.

Holographic display 3D pyramid is based on three-dimension(3D) projection mirror principle. It can play 3D light and shadow imaging folated in the air under treatment of 3D imaging device. Viewers can walk a circle around the four-dimensional imaging system to watch the mirror image projection suspended in the air.


With online shopping catching up, traditional stores need to come up with things that will make people walk into their stores. An interactive display can be instrumental in helping them increase their footfall and thus sales.

A science project experimented in education industry has taken the entertainment industry by storm, as it works on the 3D projection mirror principle in reality. Watch out for this product, rich in edutainment features to boost the retail and marketing of your products. With interactive pyramid you can experience the magical mixing of Virtual images with the real objects, nice to see, exciting for the audiences, fun for kids and captures attention of the audiences of all ages. It is capable of delivering products in stunning High Definition resolution, so that it matches the real environment perfectly and creates vivid, stunning visual effects. Hence place your promotional material right at the center of attention which, with its presence, will trigger retail and marketing exponentially, thereby increasing the number of clients/buyers who visit your store.

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