Interactive floors are a unique concept that create an experience for the visitor whether in a retail store or in a restaurant that is difficult to match otherwise.

It gives a store/restaurant/business premise an edge that competitors may find hard to match.

Easily customizable and displaying high resolution graphics, Interactive Floors are the demand of the time, be it at events, conferences, fashion shows, product launches or any product marketing events.


Combining all the fun elements of dancing flames, shimmering water, floating fish, magical stars, blooming flowers and visual auras, Convergence International offers creative design services to customize and optimize your retail and marketing campaign. Not only this, those places which are frequented by kids we can offer interactive floors with games. This has become a huge success in entertaining and engaging kids in an innovative way.

Our production team provides an array of interactive scenarios that can be used “as it is” or easily adapted with your corporate logo to get you custom–branded interactive display, up and running quickly.

Interactive Desks

Interactive desks are a great way to gather information from customers. It uses our software to gather intelligent information from customers that is not just important but also valuable to the hotel.

They are used to automate the ordering processes of restaurants. These desks take the entire order from customers and display them directly in the kitchen

They can also be used as self help kiosks in order to assist customers facing any issues or be used to take feedback from customers.

Our focus

We understand your requirement and provide quality works.