Interactive desks are a great way to gather information from customers. It uses our software to gather intelligent information from customers that is not just important but also valuable to the hotel.
They are used to automate the ordering processes of restaurants. These desks take the entire order from customers and display them directly in the kitchen


Interactive tables are a boon for retail and a blessing for your marketing needs. An ideal element for infotainment, advertising, branding and promotional campaigns. They can be easily installed in shops, museums, bars, trade fairs, clubs, foyers, hotels, lounges and indoor game play areas as the height component has an added edge to make it kids friendly.
Popular at dining restaurants, it has taken the experience of dining by storm, as customers are given the control to choose their table ambience and discover prominent places in near vicinity. It allows customers the ease of tableside payment and is loaded with gaming apps that bring entertainment to guests while they order.
They can also be used as self help kiosks in order to assist customers facing any issues or be used to take feedback from customers.

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