Video projection mapping delivers an experience of viewing a seamless projection of any object onto a screen. Video projection mapping has the capacity to transform real world objects without any distortion.
Video projection mapping can be used for Marketing, Advertising, Entertainment, Live Concerts, Theatre, Gaming, Computing, Decoration Education, PowerPoints or anything else you can think of.


Video Projection Mapping allows buildings to move, transform and even communicate. It follows a technique of turning common objects or almost any surface into a dynamic video display. Hence it is the display of an image on a non – flat or non-white surface. A building’s geometry is manipulated but at the same time its architecture highlighted, deconstructed or decontextualized. All this is done with the mix and blend of motion graphics, 3D animation and an occasional dash of video to enhance the original architecture.
The thrill is in the sheer opulence shown in a subtle way through the illusion created around the everyday and static objects. The playfully reworked and animate projection leaves the audience in awe and glee.

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